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  • Security: data encryption and transaction confidentiality
  • Multiple selection of leverage, multiple selection of trading varieties
  • Multi-language support
  • Data stability
  • easy to use
  • System and trading behavior reminder
  • Support various time charts (from minute lines to monthly charts)
  • Two-way operation, two-way profit
  • Support PC, IOS, ANDROID multiple mainstream platforms
  • You can use EA, intelligently and automatically realize your transaction

Forex learning

Quickly advance through our free foreign exchange information!

  • Simulated experience environment
  • Video tutorial
  • Free webinars

MetaTrader 5 application

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  • Price improvement technology
  • Tier 1 liquidity provider
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Why choose WaterCoin

  • Fund security and supervision

    WaterCoin deposits your funds in a segregated account of a trusted financial institution

  • Excellent trading conditions

    WaterCoin provides the industry's lowest spreads and commissions, as well as an extraordinary trading experience with fast execution

  • Allow all policies

    For your success, WaterCoin does not limit profitability and allows all trading strategies, including hedging and scalping

  • Transparent and convenient

    Regardless of the size of the investment, what you see is a situation with no hidden terms. Our account opening procedure is very simple and the system is user-friendly

Foreign exchange market

WaterCoin provides innovative and unique solutions is the key to the foreign exchange market

We strive for perfection and lead the market trend with superb technical support and service quality for everyone and institutions

High risk reminder: Foreign exchange margin trading is a high-risk investment behavior. Dice and trading with leveraged over-the-counter spot foreign currency contracts are investment and have high risks. Usually only suitable for people who can bear the risk of loss in excess of their margin deposits. In view of these risks, customers should fully connect the nature of the transaction involved and the degree of risk they face before trading. OTC foreign exchange spot transactions are for some customers. It is not appropriate. Customers should carefully consider whether this type of transaction is suitable for you based on personal experience, dice goals, funding sources and other relevant circumstances. You should clearly recognize the risks of foreign exchange transactions. If you have any questions, please consult Your professional financial advisor
Transaction disclaimer: The relevant blog links and other sources of economic and market information provided by WaterCoin are only used as a training service. WaterCoin does not recommend or endorse any source of information and third-party transaction analysis and guidance. Customers should seriously consider And analyze information from related blogs or other sources, In order to make wise analysis and decision-making. Please note that past transaction records cannot be used as a basis for predicting future transaction results. We recommend that customers carefully understand relevant blogs before investing. Fund managers and system suppliers, etc.’s trading performance display or investment description, any information, opinions, research, data or other information quoted on the website is only for objective market reviews and does not constitute investment or trading advice. We expressly express to our customers because No responsibility is assumed for trading losses or profits arising from the direct or indirect use of any of the above resource information. Again, any investment advice and historical performance cannot be used as a basis for predicting future trading results

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